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The ingredients

vegetable garden of the Maso Limarò restaurant

At Maso Limarò Restaurant we think that what distinguishes good cuisine is, first of all, the choice of the best ingredients. Therefore, we favor those that come from our garden and our farm and, when this is not possible, we rely on producers we trust. The ingredients we choose every day speak of respect for nature, our origins, the earth, and its seasons.

Il Pane

The bread & the pizza


Our kitchen revolves around baking. We have selected flours from different stone-ground grains. We use, depending on the aimed results, sourdough or biga. The former, in addition to ensuring a great shelf life, gives the bread a complex flavor, while the "biga" (a traditional Italian preferment) makes our pizza light, crunchy, and characterized by intense aromas. For us, pizza alla pala is like a blank canvas on which we can draw as we please. Our ambition is to best combine the aromas and flavors, the crispness of the dough, the textures of the fillings, and their colors.

Gli Abbinamenti

The cuisine


The same effort we put into the yeast products we put into the cooking. The pasta is always made by us and we use meat from our cows and pigs of which we try to use every part. We cannot guarantee 100% waste-free cooking (this is not possible in a professional kitchen) but we try hard! For example, to feed the pigs we also use garden waste and, where possible, leftovers from the kitchen.

Il Posto

The place

Maso Limarò structure

An old mountain farm among the rock walls of the Canyon of Limarò. Between these towering rocks and the greenery, you can capture the essence of nature's beauty. The cozy and minimalist environment, the homely and informal decor we hope will bring you back to appreciate the value of simplicity.

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