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Raw materials

vegetable garden of the Maso Limarò restaurant

The ingredients we choose every day speak of respect for the raw products, speak of long and awaited workmanship, and talk about the search for the essential.


What comes out is pure, true and clean flavours.


The ingredients we choose every day speak of respect for nature, her seasons, the land, origins, history.

The bread

Il Pane

The hearth of the cuisine is bread and natural bread making.

We have selected flours of different stone-ground cereals.

We use sourdough and the "biga" (a particular type of leavening) which require long or very long leavening times (up to 3 days).

Noble, deep flavors emerge, which take us back to our roots.

Gli Abbinamenti

The Combinations


In the kitchen we combine pure, clean, primary flavors, put together according to a deeply thought-out research, combining the smells, the crunchiness of the dough, the heat, the cold, the raw, the cooked, the feeling of sinking your teeth and feeling the crunch, using your fingers and feeling the food even with them, the colours.

What results is something that some call "pizzas" but which are not pizzas at all, instead they are containers of sensations. We call it "cooking on bread".

The fun lies in letting yourself be surprised by all this; every bite is a journey.

Il Posto

The Place

Maso Limarò structure

An old mountain farm nestled between the rocks, maintained as grandma's kitchen, where the visitor feels as comfortable as he was at home.

Elegance lies within simplicity.

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