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White wine

Nosiola “Le Frate”, IGT 24€

Pravis Winery, Lasino. Nosiola grapes grown on the steep slopes overlooking lakes Toblino and Cavedine. Straw yellow color with golden highlights. Nose: fresh fruit, mineral notes and floral hints. Refreshing, savory, and smooth. ABV 13%

Nosiola 24€ | 5€

Casimiro Winery, Santa Massenza. Straw yellow with slight green reflections. Light, fresh, with a balanced acidity that makes it pleasantly dry. Hazelnut bouquet. ABV 12,5%

L'Aura, IGT 26€ | 5,5€

Gino Pedrotti Winery, Valle di Cavedine. Grape variety: Chardonnay 70% Nosiola 30%. Its color recalls that of the sun. Full, intense in bouquet, structured but at the same time elegant. An enveloping, velvety, and complete wine. ABV 12,5%

Origine 34€ | 6,5€

Casimiro Winery, Santa Massenza. Grapes: Solaris, Bronner, and Johanniter (resistant vines). Deep straw yellow color. Complex bouquet, rich in floral and fruity notes. Intense, fresh, harmonious flavor with a pleasant savoriness. ABV 13%

Müller Thurgau “San Thomà”, IGT 23€

Pravis Winery, Lasino. Crisp straw yellow. Delicate, distinctly aromatic, with notes of exotic fruit, jasmine, flanked by the distinctive fragrance of freshly mowed Dolomite hay. Also, perfect as an aperitif. ABV 12,5%

Müller Thurgau, IGT 24€ | 5€

Casimiro Winery, Santa Massenza. Yellow with greenish highlights. Dense and juicy, iodized, finish with fruity return. Nose: peach-walnut, touches of thyme and jasmine. ABV 12,5%

Macrì, IGT 25€ | 5€

Cavic Winery, Giudicarie Esteriori. Grapes: Kerner and Müller Thurgau. Light yellow with greenish highlights. Fruity aroma with citrus notes. Good structure on the palate. ABV 12,5%

Kerner “Le Biolche”, IGT 26€

Pravis Winery, Valle dei Laghi. A wine grown under almost extreme conditions, with high altitude and a sustained temperature difference between day and night. Definitely floral, with nice acidity and a pleasant fresh aftertaste. ABV 13,5%

Pinot Grigio “Le Part”, IGT bio 23€ | 5€

Pisoni Winery, Pergolese. Straw yellow with hints of fruit and vanilla. Dry and persistent on the palate, with correct acidity. ABV 13,5%

Gewürztraminer, DOC 26€ | 5,5€

Istituto Agrario San Michele all'Adige Winery, Edmund Mach Foundation. Bright straw yellow colour. Excellent aromatic complexity with fruity, floral, and spicy hints. Rich palate with good structure. Excellent as an aperitif or with first courses. ABV 14%

Müller Thurgau, IGT – | 3,5€

Cantina Toblino, alc. 11,5%

Red wine

Giasil 29€ | 5,5€

Casimiro Winery, Santa Massenza. Rebo, Lagrein, and Merlot grapes. Well-structured, harmonious, full-bodied, and persistent flavor. Intense and complex bouquet, with fruity hints and a slight note of wood. ABV 13%

Lagrein, DOC 30€ | 5,5€

Casimiro Winery, Santa Massenza. Sustainable Lagrein grapes harvested by hand. Deep ruby red color. Rich bouquet of fruity and spicy notes. Smooth and velvety wine with good structure, harmony, and balance. ABV 13%

Teroldego “Fuoricampo” IGT 28€ | 5,5€

Breccia Winery, Mezzocorona. Fruity and well-structured wine from a 30-year-old Trentino pergola-system vineyard in the Piana Rotaliana. ABV 12,5%

Teroldego “Gobbo Rosso”, IGT bio* 26€

Pisoni Winery, Pergolese. 100% Teroldego, soft, fresh, with strawberry and red fruit aromas, good persistence. ABV 13% *without sulfites

Pinot Nero, IGT - | 5,5€

Dall'O' Winery, Cavedine Valley. Harmonious and delicate. Prevailing notes of raisins, with light hints of fig jam. Silky wine on the palate, elegant and refined. ABV 13%

Pinot Nero “Maso Élesi”, DOC bio 36€ | 6,5€

Agririva Winery, Riva del Garda, 2019. Light ruby red colour with slight transparency. Elegance and balance made up of compact, yet harmonious tannins. A nice sensation of freshness and savouriness. ABV 14%

eLimarò, IGT 30€ | 5,5€

Toblino Winery, Valle dei Laghi. Grape variety: Rebo. Deep ruby red color. Intense and complex aroma, with notes of red fruit. On the palate ample, warm and round, with a fresh finish. ABV 14,5%

Rebo Rigotti, IGT 25€

Pravis Winery, Lasino. A cross between Merlot and Teroldego grapes. Wine with mineral scents mingled with those of berries, with the visual impact of a vivid red and an equally full, soft taste, combining the typical violet flavor of Teroldego with the elegant vinosity of Merlot, with an enviable set-up for harmony and fluidity. ABV 14%

L’Auro, IGT 28€ | 5,5€

Gino Pedrotti Winery, Valle di Cavedine. Cabernet Franc enriched with Merlot. Intense ruby red color. Complex wine with balsamic and spicy flavors, firm and full-bodied taste. ABV 14,5%

Teroldego, IGT – | 3,5€

Cantina Toblino, alc. 12%

Rosé wine

Filari 22€ | 4€

Casimiro Winery, Valle dei Laghi. Bright and lively rosé. Fresh and persistent fruity aroma. Tastes dry, refreshing, harmonious, and overall very pleasant. ABV 11,5%

Chiaroscuro, DOC 25€ | 4,5€

Breccia Winery, Mezzocorona. Blend of Lagrein and Teroldego. Versatile and fresh rosé. Striking color, fresh and delicate bouquet, enjoyable drinking. ABV 12,5%

Sparkling wine

Maximum Blanc de Blancs 36€

Ferrari Winery, Trentodoc Blanc de Blancs made by the classic method from only Chardonnay grapes grown on the mountain slopes of Trentino. Intense straw yellow colour, fine and persistent perlage. Soft, elegant, and harmonious, it has a remarkable personality, intense fruity notes typical of chardonnay juxtaposed with beautiful yeast fragrances.ABV 12,5%

Trentodoc Blanc de Blancs 33€

Cantina Casimiro, Valle dei Laghi. Chardonnay IGT 100%. Pale straw yellow color and a fine, persistent perlage. Delicate fragrance of yeast and bread crust accompanied by floral and fruity notes. Fresh, intense, soft, balanced, with good structure and persistence. ABV 12,5%

Lingera 26€

Cavic Winery, Giudicarie Esteriori. Solaris grapes. Vineyards of the Dolomites IGT. Slightly cloudy and appealing, ideal for aperitifs. Vivacious and light, with a nice texture and a distinct personality. Aromas of green apple and citrus. ABV 12%

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